Hand Controls

Drivers who are unable to use their foot controls can regain their motoring independence by having hand controls fitted to their vehicles. SVO offer a wide range, from sophisticated Electronic Ring Accelerators to simple but effective Push/Pull controls.

Pedal Adaptations

Adaptations to pedals can be undertaken, to assist drivers with right leg disabilities or for use in conjunction with hand controls.


The Remote Keypad System provides easy and safe fingertip operation of up to 13 of a vehicle’s controls. Buttons on the switch pad send signals via Bluetooth to a control box, connected to the vehicle’s wiring. Switches are illuminated as standard on all systems. The modified car can be driven as normal by simply removing the transmitter from the steering wheel using the quick release feature. The system is available with either a standard or Lollipop grip.

Handbrake & gearshift

There are a number of adaptations available to simplify the use of the handbrake and gearshift.

Steering Devices

A steering device is a useful addition when using hand controls. A range is available to suit most needs.


Other Adaptations

SVO can provide a range of adaptations to make your driving experience easier; click to find out more.

Accessing your Vehicle

There is a wide range of adaptations available to assist motorists to access their vehicles and keep them safe and secure when travelling.

Wheelchair and Scooter Stowage

To assist with independent travel there are many options available for the transportation of manual and electric wheelchairs and scooters.