Pedal Adaptations


Pedal Adaptations

Adaptations to pedals can be undertaken, to assist drivers with right leg disabilities or for use in conjunction with hand controls.

The Twin Flip Pedal

The Twin Flip Pedal provides an accelerator system for right leg disabled drivers. It is very simple to use – just pull down the required pedal and the other one automatically flips up. The two pedals are simply linked by a cable, which is invisible when fitted.

Electric Left Foot Accelerator

The revolutionary Electric Left Foot Accelerator is designed for vehicles with an electric organ style accelerator pedal as seen in vehicles such as BMW and Volkswagen. A genuine manufacturer's pedal is installed to the left of the brake and is connected to the accelerator system.

The required accelerator pedal is selected by simply moving a toggle switch to the desired side. The safety function only allows for one pedal to be deployed at any one time.

Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

The Floor Mounted Left Foot Accelerator Pedal can be fitted to all makes and models of automatic vehicles. When the accelerator is in position for use with the left leg, the right pedal is covered with a pedal guard. A quick release mechanism allows the device to be removed easily so that the accelerator can be used in the standard right hand position.

Hinged Accelerator Pedal

The Hinged Accelerator Pedal could provide the solution if more space is required in the foot well when using hand controls. Suitable for accelerator pedals that are hinged from above – this adaptation allows the pedal to be flipped out of the way, leaving more space for the right foot.

Quick Release Pedal Guard

The Quick Release Pedal Guard prevents inadvertent activation of the accelerator and brake pedals when hand controls have been fitted. The pedal guard prevents injury caused by a foot being trapped beneath the pedal when operating a push brake. Designed to be quickly released the guard can be removed in seconds to allow conventional and totally unobstructed driving.

Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions are designed for short or disabled drivers. The pedals are brought closer to provide a more comfortable, safer driving position.

An initial fitting will be required for the driver in their vehicle at our premises in Calne, Wiltshire in order to gauge the correct size.