Other Adaptations


Other Adaptations

SVO can provide a range of adaptations to make your driving experience easier., find out about them below.

Oko Puncture Free

Oko Puncture Free is applied through the valve of a tyre using the pump supplied with the drum. Once installed the viscous liquid remains in a pool at the base of the tyre.

On moving the vehicle, the centrifugal forces distribute the sealant around the inner circumference of the tyre, evenly coating the inside of the tyre.

In the case of a puncture, through the tread, the air pressure forces the sealant into the hole to instantly seal the puncture, obviously, the continued movement of the vehicle continues to force the sealant around the vehicle whilst the punctures remain sealed for the legal tread lifetime of the tyre.

Lightened Power Steering

If the ‘weight’ of the car’s steering feels too heavy, having it lightened can ease the problem. Suitable for most vehicles with hydraulic steering, the effort required can be reduced considerably. An assessment can be provided by your local Disabled Living Centre who will be able to advise on the exact percentage/poundage for your requirements.

Servo Assisted Braking 

The pressure required to operate the foot brake can be reduced with the help of servo assistance. The effort of pushing down on the brake is greatly reduced, providing the driver with a much easier driving experience.

Push Button Start

The Push Button Start is available in two options – ‘Key In’ - removing the need to turn the key in the barrel or ‘Drop In’ - providing a ‘cup’ for the key to be dropped into meaning that there is no the need to insert the key in the barrel at all.

Panoramic Mirrors

A Panoramic Mirror provides a better view behind and to the sides of a vehicle and is an excellent aid for those who have restricted or painful neck movement.