Handbrake and Gearshift


Handbrake & gearshift

There are a number of adaptations available to simplify the use of the handbrake and gearshift.

Easy Release Handbrake

The Easy Release Handbrake is designed to enable people with hand/thumb weakness to operate the vehicle handbrake effectively and provides an additional 4 inches to the height of the handbrake. The unit is suitable for most vehicles with a standard handbrake and also for some with ‘Aircraft’ style brakes.

Electric Handbrake

When the Electric Handbrake is fitted, the original handle is removed so that the operation of the brake is by means of a simple switch, mounted in a suitable position for ease of use.

Gearshift Button Depressant

The Gearshift Button Depressant provides an extension to the gearshift control to allow easier operation. It is suitable for most vehicles with a gearshift side button.